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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs and All Ages    

We currently teach

       Drums, Bass, Piano, Voice, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Songwriting, Beat Programming

     and Recording by private instruction and group classes. We also teach/mentor for All-Region/All-State preparation, and Music School Auditions, and Church Music Ensembles. 

Guitar Lessons
Discovery Course

  The primary goal of the Musicians Pro Academy is to teach how music works. We have lesson programs to fit all ages and abilities. But sometimes, choosing an instrument is a difficult decision and can be very expensive. We know the only real way to finding the right instrument for you is to try them out! 

  Our "Discovery" course allows students a flexible entry by allowing them to grow into an instrument that resonates with them.  Our Discovery Course is 30 to 60 days in length and introduces students of all ages and abilities to a variety of instruments so they have more opportunity, flexibility and confidence when choosing their primary instrument course of study.

  This program is a godsend to parents as well.  NO MORE buying an instrument that doesn't get played and practiced!  We guarantee this program will enlighten ANYONE to the endless possibilities that music study provides.

Bass Guitar
  Primary Instrument Private Lessons  

These lessons are designed to be a 30 minute, once weekly lesson.  Lessons are custom tailored to meet the needs of each student based on the students present ability and goals.  We teach Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Mandolin, Voice, Music Technology, and Recording Engineering and more.

Woman in a Studio
Music Technology Recording Private Lessons

This program is paired with our sister recording studio Echo Lounge.  Weekly Lessons exclusively in music technology and recording.  Learn how to program drums, produce sounds, signal flow, edit audio, and manipulate the audio spectrum with the various audio tools professionals use in their workflow. Students will participate in recording projects and also gain access to the Echo Lounge Studios Studio B Audio Lab for individual lab time.

Band Practice
Rock Band Classes
  The Rock Star   

This course is designed for those that want to experience the feeling of making music with other people while learning and getting better on their instrument.  There are many programs like this, but none that come close to what MPA provides.  It consists of a once per week 30 minute lesson as well as Group Lesson rehearsals and performances. 

Woman in a Studio
The Recording Artist

This program is paired with our sister recording studio Echo Lounge.  Each student has a 30 minute weekly lesson.  2 Lessons per month are instrument lessons, while the other 2 lessons are lessons on recording engineering and music production.  

Guitar Playing
Weekly Guitar Camps

Weekly Guitar Camps EVERY TUESDAY at 7PM and EVERY SUNDAY at 3PM!!  Group guitar lessons in a relaxed setting.  If you are a bedroom player who wants to improve your playing today, this is a great place to start.  No Scheduling commitments, just show up and enjoy a 1 hour lesson with a professional guitarist that knows how to help you get better NOW!


We are constantly updating our programs and have many more coming VERY soon.  Please continue to check back for updates, or call us and find out how we can custom tailor a musical experience that's right for your or your loved one.  

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