Frequently asked questions

What if I don't know what instrument I want to play?

We specialize in introducing great people to musical instruments. We have custom programs that allow each student to take a lesson in various instruments for up to 60 days while they decide which instrument they are drawn to and truly love to play. And if that so happens to be two instruments, that's ok too. We don't just teach how to play an instrument. Robots can play instruments... We teach you how music works so that you don't have to learn just one instrument. All of our methods can be applied to ALL instruments equally. Music is our specialty.

Can I register online?

YES!!! We have gone to great lengths to make the online registration process a very simple. Simply locate and fill out the "New Student Registration" form on our Home page.

Can I pay online?

Very VERY Soon we will be adding a payment method online through the student portal

Does it cost extra for a 5 week month?

No, we charge a flat monthly rate for lessons.

When do I get my student portal login?

Your login information will be sent upon registration completion, after the first monthly payment has been recieved. The average customer typically recieves their login information within 24 to 48 hours after your first lesson.

Can i register for lesson reminders via text message?

Absolutely, we are proud to offer this service. Never miss an appointment with our SMS alert lesson reminder system.

Can I choose my instructor?

We always attempt to accomodate lesson/instructor requests when and if possible. All of our instructors undergo extensive training and follow the MPA system to provide the best lesson learning experience possible.