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  • What if I don't know what instrument I want to play?
    We specialize in introducing great people to musical instruments. We have custom programs that allow each student to take a lesson in various instruments for up to 60 days while they decide which instrument they are drawn to and truly love to play. If that so happens to be two instruments, that's ok too! We don't just teach how to play an instrument. Robots can play instruments... We teach you how music works so that each student doesn't have to learn just one instrument. All of our methods can be applied to ALL instruments equally. Music is our specialty.
  • Can I register online?
    YES!!! We have gone to great lengths to make the online registration process a very simple. Simply locate and fill out the "New Student Registration" form on our Home page. Once it is sent, we will receive your registration and you will be entered into our system. After that, simply call us and speak with our Student Services and they will get you scheduled for your first lesson right away!
  • Can I pay online?
    YES!!! Paying online is simple and easy. Simply "Click Here To Pay" from your billing invoice and you will be transfered through our online payment system. We also have Auto-Pay available to all of our students and parents at Musicians Pro Academy.
  • What are the frequency for private lessons each month??
    Each of our private lessons are once per week lessons, billed monthly. Students can choose from 30 minute or 60 minute weekly lessons for private instruction. Group lessons may vary in time and frequency.
  • Does it cost extra for a 5 week month?
    No, we charge a flat monthly rate for lessons to make family budgeting simple. We also offer auto-pay directly from our student portal.
  • Do I pay per lesson or per month?
    Our lessons are setup to make budgeting for your family easy. Monthly invoices are emailed on the 1st of every month. Your balance is due upon your first lesson of each month. Invoices may be paid online or your account can easily be setup for Auto-Pay.
  • When do I get my student portal login?
    Your login information will be sent upon registration completion, after the first monthly payment has been recieved. The average customer typically recieves their login information within 24 to 48 hours after your first lesson. If for any reason you have not received your Student Portal login information, contact Student Services and they will send it right away.
  • Can I register for lesson reminders via text message or email?
    Absolutely, we are proud to offer this service. Never miss an appointment with our SMS and email alert lesson reminder system! Contact your instructor if you would like this service added to your account.
  • Can I choose my instructor?
    We always attempt to accomodate lesson/instructor requests when and if possible. All of our instructors undergo extensive ongoing training and follow the MPA Discovery System to provide the best music lesson learning experience possible.
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