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We are a proud Authorized EFNOTE Dealer

Are you looking for drums that offer a premium playing experience? Are you a venue needing top quality sound but you must keep volumes at comfortable listening levels? If so, EFNOTE DRUMS are the logical next step for you.

EFNOTE DRUMS are THE solution for Worship Teams & Venues with lower volume requirements. They offer professional sound quality, playability and an amazing look and feel making them a top choice of professional drummers looking for electronic drum solutions while desiring to stay true to their analog, acoustic drumming roots.

With flexible routing options and direct recording capabilities, these drums allow you to create the sound you want and capture it with ease. Get your drummers out from behind the glass "fish tanks" and let their talent shine with EFNOTE DRUMS. 

Musicians Pro Academy offers a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts who are passionate about music, technology and modern sound solutions.

Our team can provide customized solutions for every client, from drum students and professional musicians to Houses of Worship and other specialized Music Venues.

We have been using Electronic drums professionally since 1999 and we understand exactly what our clients need and want. Trust our expertise to help you find the perfect music solutions for you and your team.

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Isn't it cute!!!

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